Counseling Office

“Preparing Today’s Youth for Tomorrows Challenges”

Comprehensive Guidance & Counseling Program


TK through Fifth Grade

What is a School Counselor

~ A person who helps ALL students

~ A resource for parents/guardians

~ A resource for staff members

~ A liaison with outside agencies

~ A homeless/foster youth liaison

~ A 504 Coordinator

~ An advocate & consultant

The School Counselor

~ Sees students individually, in small groups, and in the classroom

~ Consults & counsels with staff & parents/guardians

~ Coordinates special student events & leadership opportunities

A School Counselor is NOT

~ A psychologist

~ A therapist

~ A disciplinarian

~ An administrator

~ A substitute teacher


A School Counselor May See a Student When They Experience

~ Difficulty with solving problems

~ Difficulty with friends/family

~ Difficulty with academics

~ Difficulty with regulating emotions

~ Difficulty managing physical health

~ Difficulty with attendance

~ Difficulty with motivation

~ Difficulty with organization

~ Difficulty focusing & attending

~ Difficulty adjusting to school


To provide a safe, caring, and empowering learning environment that supports the whole child and all students in developing a healthy lifestyle, a strong sense of self, a passion for learning, the dedication to work, and the desire to contribute.


To work collaboratively with a diverse group of students, families, staff, and community members to provide ongoing opportunities, resources, and care that empowers and increases the academic, career, and social-emotional development and success of all students.
Glenn County Behavioral Health
24 Hour Crisis Hotline
If you are experiencing a crisis situation, please call.  24-hour crisis services are available and can be accessed by calling this number.
Youth Crisis Text Line
Text 'Listen' to 741741
CA Youth Run Chatline
Youth can always call or text the California Youth Crisis Line, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at:
For more information about the Youth Crisis line please go to
In an Emergency please call 911 

How does a Child See the School Counselor

~ Student referral

~ Referral by a peer/friend

~ Teacher referral

~ Parent referral

~ Administrative referral