Counseling Office

“Preparing Today’s Youth for Tomorrows Challenges”

Comprehensive Guidance & Counseling Program


TK through Fifth Grade

What is a School Counselor

~ A person who helps ALL students

~ A resource for parents/guardians

~ A resource for staff members

~ A liaison with outside agencies

~ A homeless/foster youth liaison

~ A 504 Coordinator

~ An advocate & consultant

The School Counselor

~ Sees students individually, in small groups, and in the classroom

~ Consults & counsels with staff & parents/guardians

~ Coordinates special student events & leadership opportunities

A School Counselor is NOT

~ A psychologist

~ A therapist

~ A disciplinarian

~ An administrator

~ A substitute teacher


A School Counselor May See a Student When They Experience

~ Difficulty with solving problems

~ Difficulty with friends/family

~ Difficulty with academics

~ Difficulty with regulating emotions

~ Difficulty managing physical health

~ Difficulty with attendance

~ Difficulty with motivation

~ Difficulty with organization

~ Difficulty focusing & attending

~ Difficulty adjusting to school


To provide a safe, caring, and empowering learning environment that supports the whole child and all students in developing a healthy lifestyle, a strong sense of self, a passion for learning, the dedication to work, and the desire to contribute.


To work collaboratively with a diverse group of students, families, staff, and community members to provide ongoing opportunities, resources, and care that empowers and increases the academic, career, and social-emotional development and success of all students.

How does a Child See the School Counselor

~ Student referral

~ Referral by a peer/friend

~ Teacher referral

~ Parent referral

~ Administrative referral