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This site is a comprehensive interactive resource for research and learning for grades K-12. Includes correlations to California Content Standards and other valuable teacher resources. Available in English and Spanish.
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Beginning in January of 2015 we began using the Type to Learn 4 keyboarding software.

Why teach keyboarding? Because computing is a way of life today. Not only in school or in the workforce, but as a means for communicating with others, sharing ideas and expressing thoughts.

The keyboard is the primary means of interfacing with a computer. Keyboarding is therefore an essential, 21st century skill that students must develop in order to use computers effectively and efficiently.

This program has more than 100 lessons, 5 engaging, skill­targeted typing games with each lesson, and 7 diagnostic, formative and summative assessments.

A diagnostic typing pre­test assesses students’ existing keyboarding skills and places them at a certain typing lesson matching their abilities. The typing pre­test also analyzes students’ starting speed and accuracy, setting personalized achievement goals for the program teaching them how to type more efficiently.

Each keyboarding lesson includes:
● Home row reinforcement
● Warm­up exercise
● Review of previously learned keys
● Demonstration of new keys
● Practice exercises
● Testing

3D hand animation on a reference keyboard demonstrates correct fingering for new keys and provides support when incorrect keys are pressed.

Even very young children are actively involved with using technology and computers on a regular basis. Research shows that keyboarding is and should be taught to students at an earlier age, before bad habits form. This early introduction reduces bad habit development and provides additional benefits that include improvements in spelling, writing and reading comprehension.

Language arts are further developed by the lessons and activities in Type to Learn 4, which reinforce phonics, grammar, vocabulary, proper usage of punctuation, sight words, frequently misspelled words, and other elements of written language.

With Type to Learn 4: Agents of Information, using the keyboard will become as natural to your child as writing with pen and paper. It's research-based, interactive learning environment engages all K­12 keyboarding learners.