Breakfast & Lunch

Breakfast & Lunch
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While it is our intention to serve the posted menu each day at every school, supply chain issues are creating challenges with these efforts. When menu alterations are necessary, we will always attempt to substitute the scheduled menu item with another that is as similar as possible to the extent we are able to do so. Please know that we will always provide wholesome meals each and every day. 


January 2022 Menus



*Breakfast is District-wide


Our school provides nutritious breakfast and lunch daily for all of our students at no cost.

If you or your child is NOT a student at Murdock, the cost for you to eat in the cafeteria is as follows:
2021-2022 Meal Prices
Breakfast at Murdock is $1.00 (includes milk)
Lunch at Murdock is $2.75 (includes milk)
Single milk is $.50.
Breakfast is available before every school day from 7:45 a.m. to 8:15 a.m.  Parents are welcome to eat with their children -- come to the office to pay before breakfast.
Adult Meal Prices
Breakfast - $1.00
Lunch - $3.75 w/o milk
  $4.25 w/ milk